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One of the key success factors of Kindred Healthcare is to “take care of our people.” Our mission is “to improve employee and organizational productivity by providing comprehensive training and development programs and resources.”

Our learning center is here to enhance the skills you have and to ease the task of completing the educational courses required by your respective licensing boards.

By providing our employees the most appropriate and applicable education for today’s home care environment – we will be able to bring compassionate care home.

Please make sure you click on the Directions Tab (above the Login area). This section is a great resource and tells you how to see which course satisfy any Continuing Education Credits.

If you have any questions regarding the education please contact Jere' Dye or if you have any questions about the set up of courses including orientation or annual education please contact Rebecca Danner.

Please contact your Office manager or Branch Manager for information about Eligibility and Logging in.

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